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KADAF is a one-stop-entertainment company based in Port Harcourt. KADAF nurtures, manages and engages actors/actresses and young singers to fame. The one-stop-entertainment production home which manages artistes and brings them to limelight in the highly competitive industry has experienced and efficient management team in place. The company was founded in Port Harcourt in 2018 and is one of the fastest growing entertainment homes in Nigeria. In KADAF, we mean business, and we do business.


We help young entertainers discover and harness their God given talents. We pursue to achieve a breakaway from what is obtainable in the entertainment industry in the country.

KADAF has three departments:

* Video

* Music

* Marketing/Promotion Department

VIDEO: This department of KADAF Production handles the production of films and musical videos. It also produces TV series. We produce and partner with other production houses to achieve huge results. The Video Department is made up of, Directing Department, Cinematography, Editing, Make-up, Costuming, Props and Set, Screenplay, Concept Development Department, Special Effect Development and lots more.

MUSIC: This department of the company handles the KADAF record label. We have a standard audio production studio managed by efficient and experienced producers. We also produce for other labels and singers.

NOTE: We are currently signing talented young artistes into the label. We sign, train and establish gospel and circular singers.

MARKETING/PROMOTION DEPARTMENT: This department of the company handles the marketing of all products. It undertakes in online and offline strategies to ensure that our artistes and clients make it to wider audience within three months.

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